»Yes, you heard right, you really don’t need a pen!«
With mSign you are one step closer to complete digitalization.

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The webinar is intended for all types of companies that are embarking on the path of paperless business, or would like to upgrade their electronic business. No worries, the solution integrates perfectly with your existing systems. mSign also works great integrated with mDocs and mSef solutions, so we invite our existing customers to join us and find out how mSign can upgrade experience even more.


  • advantages of using e-signature
  • the process of capturing e-signature
  • practical demonstration of the use of mSign

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The main advantages of mSign signature component:

  • Compliance with national and international laws.
  • Integration with third party solutions.
  • Autonomy from platforms.
  • Achieve tremendous savings in operating costs.
  • Signing on all devices – laptops, workstations, tablets, smartphones.
  • Background operation of the signature component.
  • Signing directly from the web browser.
  • Certified signature rendered invalid upon each subsequent alteration of the document.
  • Any unauthorised interference in the already notarised documents is prevented.


With the help of mSign component, the user can sign documents created in a document system, ERP system or directly in Word. Recipient gets a notification that the document is waiting for his signature on a mobile device or via e-mail, where he signs it electronically. The user can also sign the document using a digital certificate, smart mobile devices or a signature pad. mSign allows you to sign documents with facsimile signature, without installing additional components.

Electronic signature component mSign is a technologically accomplished and secure, tried-and-tested solution that enables your business to run smoothly even while working from home. Cloud or on premise? We provide both.

mSign is user-friendly and in the case of cloud solution, the establishment is possible in just one day!

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